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Project Pack # 2 – The 12 Days of Zentangle 2017

Project Pack # 2 – The 12 Days of Zentangle 2017


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A Walk Through Zentangle History


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Project package no. 2 contains all Tangle accessories for the 2017 version of the “12 Days of Zentangle Series”. The “12 Days of Zentangle” have become an annual tangling tradition that playfully uses a song to guide us through 12 consecutive days of tangling together. Every year had a different theme.

This year’s theme will be a metaphorical walk back in time. Each day of the series, we’ll visit moments in Zentangle history as we reminisce about the tiles, tangles, and techniques of the past as we create something entirely new. Each lesson will explore different tiles and tools and guide you through creating your own zentangle masterpieces. Although this series has a festive holiday flair, it’s non-denominational and the lessons are zentangle-pure.

View the Project Pack #2 videos here.


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