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Project Pack # 11 – Phinding Phi

Project Pack # 11 – Phinding Phi


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Project Pack No. 11 – Introduction of the Phi Tile

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One particular story that Rick and Maria Thomas often share is their shared fascination with geometry and the divine proportion or phi ratio associated with the Fibonacci sequence. Discovering and studying how the patterns in nature, art, architecture and even behavior resonate with geometric proportions is still an important part of their journey together.

We warmly welcome you to continue this journey the Zentangle way.

Don’t panic though! Just as the Sunflower and Nautilus did not consult a calculator to grow, the lessons in this project pack do not require math planning or skills. We will explore yet another framework within which tangles can grow, live, and flourish. We will delve deeply into the concept of reticles and fragments, and delight in the delicate techniques of shading with both graphite and color.

And then we will sit back and admire it all.

View the Project Pack #11 videos here.

Download Markus Operandus II.


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