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Project Pack #14 – Tangled Musings

Project Pack #14 – Tangled Musings


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Tangled Musings


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The United States has been celebrating May as Mental Health Awareness Month since 1949. Every year companies, organizations, schools and individuals dedicate this month to those affected by mental illness and present innovative ideas, events and programs that support the treatment and prevention of mental illness.

Many people suffering from psychological symptoms have found that creating art can be used as therapy and has very positive effects on their condition. Even people who do not have mental illnesses notice that regular artistic creation can reduce stress, increase self-confidence and promote general psychological well-being.

The Zentangle Method is a simple and powerful way to access creativity. It creates access to our creative abilities and the artist in all of us. With simple steps and basic strokes, anyone can create beautiful images using the Zentangle method.

After brainstorming together with Sakura of America, Zentangle decided to create a series of projects that would highlight the importance of art and creativity to our mental health and well-being and introduce the Zentangle Method as an option to access the artist within.

This project package will feature a nice selection of Sakura pens and a special one made by Zentangle, Inc. designed item included to celebrate the artist inside.

View the Project Pack #14 videos here.


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