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Project Pack #22

Project Pack #22


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Zentangle Project Pack #22

SKU: oPP22


Project Pack No. 22 will run as Zentangle’s 2023 Twelve Days of Zentangle and deliver twelve consecutive days of tangling tutorials, curated materials and festive content all around the same theme.

There are a few tangles in the history of the Zentangle Method that are known more and used more often and manipulated more than others. Their forms are basic, resilient, familiar and they have the potential to be so much more in so many ways.

This project pack will take a deep dive into one particular tangle and all that stands for. As usual, Zentangle is taking a very creative outside the box approach to this fun theme. And as usual, Zentangle doesn’t like to disclose too much before the videos are released. Zentangle can say that Project Pack #22 will take a deep dive into one of their most classic tangles. It takes a close look at some inspired strings and potential mosaics, and maybe … just maybe has a new surface to be explored.


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