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Learn Zentangle with Tanglekunst

Zentangle is a meditative drawing method that is very easy to learn and fun to use. When drawing structured patterns you will be focused and relaxed at the same time and a beautiful miniature work of art is created.

Anyone can learn it

You don’t need “talent” and no previous knowledge. If you can hold a pen, then you can also find a way out of stress, into relaxation.

In my Book you learn everything you need to start with Zentangle. A wonderful addition is to experience Zentangle in a Workshop

Being creative in everyday life

It’s easy with Zentangle. You need only a few items: fineliner, pencil, tortillon and paper. You don’t have to prepare much and don’t have to be an artist to handle it. Zentangle allows you to take a creative break, anytime, anywhere.

Who invented it?

Zentangle was created by the two US-Americans Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts. From the combination of Maria’s drawing art and Rick’s knowledge of meditation, they developed the Zentangle method to enable everyone to experience meditative drawing.


Learn it yourself! Take a look at my course offer and choose your workshop.

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