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Support for the shop


The Tanglekunst Shop received support.

You may have noticed that lately someone else has answered the e-mail from time to time, because for a few weeks now I have been able to win Heike Haimerl to work in the shop. What was initially only planned as a vacation replacement worked so well that I didn’t want to do without Heike after my vacation. She mainly takes care of processing orders in the shop. So if you have any questions about an order or a product, please feel free to contact Heike directly.

Heike also takes on additional activities. For example, she is currently helping me to translate all of the product descriptions into English. And she will look after the Tanglekunst Shop during the CZT seminar. What a great support for me!

E-mail legend

There are currently two email addresses you can use to contact us: -> Questions about an order ->
Update 2021: Please only use the email: >

About Heike

Heike has been CZT since 2017 and lives near me, more precisely about 40 minutes away by car. Therefore we have been in contact for a long time. Heike gives courses to Zentangle and you are welcome to get a picture of her and her work on her very aesthetically designed website:


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