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Project Pack # 5 – Cartouche

Project Pack # 5 – Cartouche


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Zentangle Cartouche

SKU: oPP05


The Pack # 05 project was inspired by the forgotten art of preserving or highlighting life’s special memories. (think of: framing, bronzing, scrapbooking, pressing, wrapping.). The digital world has slowly taken over our need for honor and caring – the things worth saving. It has become less likely to print photos, store concert tickets, frame a favorite record or write a nice letter, fix a stamp, and post it. It all happens because we can do a lot of these things on our computers so much faster. But unfortunately they stay there.

This project package contains all the materials you need to decorate your most precious mementos together with Zentangle. We turn photos, jewelry, stamps, tickets, coins and spoons into memorabilia and jewelry and give them a beautiful home on your walls or shelves. Or, maybe they make perfect gifts for family and friends. We’re exploring fun ideas on how to assemble and then “frame” your treasures using techniques inspired by Zentangle.

Enjoy the tools along with several mini tutorials, each offering a different way of creating lights and frames … and maybe a dingbatz or two. Zentangle is focused on taking simple tangles and using them in unexpected ways: working with and around assembled photos and objects, playing with auras, tangles, and creative shading techniques that put a special focus on some of your more meaningful items.

The first thing you have to do is find some of these treasured items. Old photos, or better yet, a photo where part of it can be cut out and trimmed away. Maybe a baby spoon or an old gold brooch that is awesome, but you would never wear it. Maybe a found object, a coin or a fortune cookie. Have fun finding that perfect token. A warm project package. How cool is that?

View the Project Pack #5 videos here.


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