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Zentangle Apprentice Kit – ZAK

Zentangle Apprentice Kit – ZAK


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Perfect for beginners



The Zentangle Apprentice Kit (ZAK) is perfect for the budding Zentangle Apprentice in your life! ZAK is the apprentice version of our original Zentangle Kit. This beautiful kit is designed to mimic much of the qualities of our original kit, but also brings along some new details that make it a unique fit for a Zentangle Apprentice.

The ZAK includes: 34 Apprentice tiles, 24 White and 10 Black, (4.5″ square Bristol paper with rounded corners), one black Micron PN, one black Micron 10, and a white Gelly Roll medium point pen. Also included are our Zentangle branded graphite and white charcoal pencils, a pencil sharpener and two tortillions.

In Zentangle Kit tradition, you will find an icosohedron dice, and a brand new instructional booklet written specifically for the Zentangle Apprentice. The instructional booklet includes lessons, step-outs, and a legend.

What you will not find in this kit is a DVD; the ZAK is truly an unplugged box of creative goodies!


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