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Project Pack # 8 – Moonlight Gellyrolls

Project Pack # 8 – Moonlight Gellyrolls


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Dancing in the Moonlight … Gelly Roll Fun

SKU: oPP08


This project package takes a bold leap into some unknown zentangle territories. The roots and the basic practice of the zentangle art form remain non-representational and predominantly executed in black and white with shades of gray. However, as one grows into the practice of tangling, creativity is set in motion and ideas, potential, and trust are plentiful. Exploring is exciting.

Sakura of America asked Zentangle if they would like to help them bring a brand new line of Gellyroll Moonlight Pens with an exciting new color palette. Their answer was an enthusiastic “YES”. Zentangle has the Project Pack No. 08 designed as a fun way to explore new materials and tangle techniques with some off-standard colors. Let yourself be challenged with fun ways to layer tangles and colors to create illusions and depth in a whole new tangle game adventure. Join Zentangle as they guide the global launch of these glorious new Gellyroll Moonlight Pens from Sakura in 2020.

View the Project Pack #8 videos here.


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