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Project Pack # 6 – “No Mistakes” Mini Journal

Project Pack # 6 – “No Mistakes” Mini Journal


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“No Mistakes” – no mistakes Mini Journal

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The “No Mistakes” philosophy has been an integral part of the Zentangle method from the start. “No mistakes” is a mantra that we use in our zentangle practice that enables us to see every line as an opportunity and embrace every stain.

This mini-diary was inspired by a specific story in the development of Zentangle that highlighted the “no mistakes” philosophy.

Zentangle invites you to join them as they collectively fill the pages of this lovely little journal in their series of video tutorials. In these videos you will hear stories about the importance of the “no mistakes” philosophy in your zentangle practice. Zentangle will demonstrate different approaches to working in tangled journals using both black and white inks.

View the Project Pack #6 videos here.



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