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Project Pack # 16 -Keeping Score

Project Pack # 16 -Keeping Score


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12 Days of Zentangle 2021 – Keeping Score

SKU: oPP16


It has become an annual Zentangle tradition to celebrate the holiday season with a series – The Twelve Days of Zentangle. A zentangle lesson is offered each day for twelve days, walking you through the steps to create festive zentangle art, all on the same topic.

This particular Zentangle series offers you a moment to pause and reflect on the past year. Twenty-one, like all years, has proven to be a period of growth. Each of us has continued our journey demonstrating strength, courage, resilience and trust. In a year of reconstruction, we had the opportunity to decide what to take with us and what to leave behind.

This year-end series looks closely between the layers and folds of the Zentangle practice. We will find some new tools for the Zentangle Toolbox and explore some creative, tangled ways to celebrate and illuminate the Zentangle art. We work with dimensionality and play with illusions. Join Zentangle when you set your artistic standards together in this multidimensional Zentangle project series.

View the Project Pack #16 videos here.


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