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Project Pack # 15 – Alphaborders

Project Pack # 15 – Alphaborders


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Alphaborders and more!

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The story of how the Zentangle Method was developed is complex. It is a story about the life experiences of two people, a fascinating sequence of events and the discoveries that resulted from this wonderful mixture.

If you dive deep into these, you will learn that the art of lettering played a significant role. In this Zentangle Project Pack, we take a closer look at that part of the story behind the method.

In true zentangle fashion, we’ll be inspired by the art of letters and alphabets, and how their shapes can influence patterns.

This Project Pack is not about drawing letters. No prior knowledge of calligraphy is required for this series. Zentangle invites you to think outside the box with them and with simple strokes that refer to and imitate different types of writing.

We’ll also take a look at how the zentangle art form became a language of its own. Regardless of what country you live in or what language you speak, Zentangle has found that almost everyone can create and express themselves through the international language of the Zentangles.

Over the years, Zentangle artists have been shown to create beautiful art that speaks of positivity, love and courage in patterns of beauty and gratitude.

“Learning a different language means not only learning different words for the same things, but also a different way of thinking about things”. – Flora Lewis

View the Project Pack #15 videos here.


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