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Project Pack # 10 – The Legend

Project Pack # 10 – The Legend


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Project Pack No. 10 – The Legend of Zentangle

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Years ago, in a tiny village tucked away, there lived a scribe and a flute maker. hey loved their life together and were grateful for any and all things to come. Both felt they were destined to do something “important.” When this something appeared to them, they embraced it. And so begins The Legend of Zentangle®.

As Zentangle celebrate No.10 in their Zentangle Project Pack series, they bring to you a collection of tutorials that highlight some of the people, the stories, the tangles, the techniques and of course the magic that make up the “legend” of Zentangle. Join us as we take you on an imaginative ride, guiding you through creating your own personal legend one tangle at a time.

View the Project Pack #10 videos here.


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