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Pigma Graphic 1 Black

Pigma Graphic 1 Black


Includes 19% DE MwSt.
Additional costs (e.g. for customs or taxes) may occur when shipping to non-EU countries.

Tip Width – 1.0 mm



The Pigma Graphic® by Sakura creates fine to broad lines depending on pressure and pen angle, making it suitable for quickly filling in larger black areas. It uses the same waterproof, fade-resistant, and quick-drying ink as the Pigma Micron 01 (used for drawing fine patterns) and can be combined with it without any color difference.

Note from Katharina: The Graphic 1 is my favorite. I use it to quickly blacken larger areas, even into small, fine corners. However, it requires a bit more finesse than a broader fineliner. If you’re unsure, opt for the Pigma Micron 08 or 10.


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