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Phi Zentangle Tile Grey – 21

Phi Zentangle Tile Grey – 21


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Phi Kachel –  Zentangle tile in golden Ratio


SKU: LPhi_g_21


This 12.7 cm x 7.8486 cm rectangular tile was designed and cut in Phi ratio. Phi, also known as the golden ratio or divine proportion, represents a geometric formula often found in patterns, nature, art, music, architecture and many other fields. The golden ratio has been studied for thousands of years.

Rick and Maria, the founders of the Zentangle Method, were particularly taken with the study and discovery of Phi proportions and Fibonacci sequences in the world around them. There was much overlap with this journey in the early years of the development of the Zentangle Method.

Although this tile brings awareness to Phi proportions, the possibilities for tangled masterpieces that can be created on it are endless and have yet to be discovered. We are excited to see how this rectangle can potentially be used. Tangled decks, creative and interesting mosaics, and repetitive tiling projects are just the beginning.

Zentangle Phi Tiles are die-cut from 100% cotton paper.


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