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Shipping to the United Kingdom

To our valued customers in the United Kingdom,

Because of the BREXIT VAT regulations, we currently can only fulfill orders shipping to the UK if the product value totals at least 200 € net. Shipping is free from this order value.

When you place your order, you only pay the net product price, excluding taxes and duties. Also, please understand that once we ship your order, you are responsible for any additional duties, fees, or taxes, that your government may impose on you. These regulations change so fast and are applied so inconsistently that we are unable to provide an estimate. Please contact your local government regarding any duties, fees or taxes.

As a small company, we are doing our best to navigate the ever-changing global regulatory environment. We are currently unable to deliver below this order value, as otherwise we would have to settle the taxes in the shop and register our company in the UK and pay the tax. This bureaucratic hurdle is not feasible for us as a small shop.

Nochmals vielen Dank für deine Unterstützung und für dein Verständnis.

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