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CZTs in the Tanglekunst Shop

Are you a CZT?

The Tanglekunst Shop offers you attractive prices and a broader range of products.

As a CZT you have a special status and can purchase selected products in larger quantities and at a lower price. Some products are available exclusively for you as a CZT – “CZT only”.
1. How do you get your CZT access?

When you register for the CZT seminar at Conzentric GbR, you will be asked whether we can set up a customer account for you. After successfully completing the seminar, your account will be created and you will receive an email from Tanglekunst Shop to set up your password.

As a CZT from Zentangle, Inc. or Created with Love you can apply for your CZT account at this link. We will check your CZT status and send you an e-mail if the activation was successful. If you are not listed as a CZT on the Zentangle, Inc. website please send us a scan or photo of your CZT certificate.

2. Let’s go shopping!

Log in under “Your Account”. Lower CZT prices and CZT-only products such as 550 tile packs are visible in all categories and subcategories after logging in.

3. Set the correct product prices for your country!

In the top right corner, you can select the country you want your package shipped to. Then you will see the price including the correct VAT. If you don’t select the country at this point, this will be done automatically during the ordering process as soon as you enter your delivery address.

4. Do you have a coupon code?

If you have a voucher code, enter it here:

5. Subscribe to the CZT newsletter.

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Weitere nützliche Infos:

  • The number at the end of a product name indicates the number of tiles contained in that product.
  • Under “Collections” in the navigation there is a subcategory called “Class Kits”. There you will find class sets. These are a compilation of products to teach 12 participants in a class setting.
  • In Europe there is a company called Royal Talents which sells, among other things, Mikron and Sakura products in Europe as a wholesaler. We sell the pens in sets of 12 at the same current wholesale prices as Royal Talens.
  • All Zentangle branded products such as Project Packs, tiles and some of the accessories are only available for purchase from Zentangle in USA, CZTs and resellers. As a CZT, you are a wonderful distribution channel for the Zentangle products. You can decide for yourself whether you want to resell Zentangle products.
  • As a CZT, you are under no obligation to use Zentangle products in your classes. However, it is good to know the products, series and quality if you want to be competent in your classes on any Zentangle topic. And there will be questions!
  • You can also order from Zentangle, Inc. in America as a CZT. Please note, however, that VAT, customs, import fees and postage will be added to the price. The American prices are not comparable with the prices of Tanglekunst. The price calculations are very different due to the import costs and permanent exchange rate fluctuations.
  • Important note: Tanglekunst and Conzentric are two separate companies. Tanglekunst is an online shop that sells materials. Conzentric is responsible for all seminars and training courses. Please make sure to send your email to the correct company if you have any questions.
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